How is a terraced house defined?

Each type of house has certain characteristics that can be used to assign certain houses to a category. But what features must a house have to be considered a terraced house? This article gives you a comprehensive definition of the terraced house and shows important features.

The name says it: A row of houses

The concept of terraced house already contains the most important feature of this type of house: It consists of a series of individual houses, which are built directly to each other without a gap. In order to ensure the privacy of all residents, there is usually no access between the individual houses; So you live in principle in your own home.

But why is the terraced house so popular? Since the time of industrialization in the 19th century, when many people had to live in cities for the first time, there is a great lack of space in metropolitan areas. The terraced house is an ideal solution because it saves space and at the same time enables a higher standard of living than most skyscrapers.

How is a terraced house defined?: houses

How big does a terraced house have to be?

There is no particular size that a house must meet to be considered a terraced house. If at least three detached houses are built directly next to each other, the complex can already be described as a terraced house. Why three? Because two adjoining houses are considered as a semi-detached house.

With the fact that three houses are built directly next to each other, the terraced house has two different subspecies: the terraced house and the middle row house. While the terraced house is located at one of the ends of a terraced house, the terraced house is directly surrounded by two other houses.

Great differences in living comfort

While the exterior of a terraced house is easily described, one can not say that it is preferred by a particular group of companies. Because there are both simply and luxuriously equipped row houses in which people of the corresponding income live. The terraced house rather represents a solution to avoid wasting space in densely populated areas.

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at several terraced houses in big cities to get an impression of the diversity of this house type. While you will recognize the "range" everywhere, looks and features vary from house to house.

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