What do roof tiles cost?

The question of the cost of roof tiles requires a detailed answer, because the prices vary greatly. Special items and goods from 2nd Choice you get for a very low price, while a special taste as always a lot more expensive.

The cost of roof tiles at a glance

The question "What do roof tiles cost?" Can not be answered on a flat-rate basis, because this always depends on the quality of the material - and whether you may succeed in a bargain. We will show you the average costs including installation work.

If you choose concrete tiles or steel pans, you will receive a particularly favorable roof covering. However, you need a particularly stable substructure, especially for concrete. Expect prices around 20 euros per square meter.

What do roof tiles cost?: cost

You want a covering with clay tiles? Especially in this area there are strong price fluctuations. Simple hollow pans decorate your roof from 25 euros per square meter, a combination of monk and nun bricks costs up to 50 euros per square meter.

A covering with slate is relatively expensive, here you have to calculate costs from about 80 euros per square meter. The cost-effective alternative is fiber cement bricks, they cost only about a quarter of the price.

Check with your roofer for the costs of additional work, such as renewing the battens or pulling in a sarking membrane.

Example project Single-family house: What do the roof tiles cost?

A detached house has 200 square meters of roof space. The homeowner buys particularly cheap clay tiles for 5 euros per square meter, the roofer covers the roof for a price of 15 euros per square meter. In addition, a few preliminary work.

Cost overviewprice
Preliminary work1,350 euros
mounting material120 euros
clay tiles1,000 euros
roofer3,000 euros
total5,470 euros

Buy cheap roof tiles

Search for specials for roof tiles on the Internet: You will find many different offers - with low square meter prices. But pay attention to quality and durability when shopping!

Tips & Tricks

Just then, if you buy your roof tiles as a special item, you should take a slightly larger amount than the required. So you always have some suitable brick in reserve, in case some fall or get damaged in the storm.

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