How can glass be stuck to wood?

Glass and wood are two extremely different materials, one absorbent and full of pores, the other smooth with a denser surface. If you want to combine both, you should have the right glue on hand and pay attention to some important details. Read here how to make a durable, aesthetically perfect bond!

Gluing clear glass?

Clear glass offers the best view, but can be seen behind this material and all traces of glue. If you want to glue clear glass to wood, you need a transparent mirror glue and you should be careful not to create streaks or bubbles.

However, because glass and glue have a different light refraction, you will still perceive the bonding at a certain angle. We recommend, if possible, to paint the clear glass on one side before sticking to wood.

Which adhesive glue glass to wood?

We have selected some adhesives for you that are particularly suitable for gluing glass on wood. In home improvement forums, the mentioned adhesives are highly recommended, but of course there are also products from other brands.

  • UHU Poly Max Express (cartridge): The white adhesive is suitable for bonding painted and colored glass to wood. It has a high temperature resistance and is even suitable for outdoor use. When drying it does not shrink, it does not need a primer.
  • Glass and porcelain glue from BINDULIN: This glue sticks to glass as well as wood and many other materials. It is water and temperature resistant.
  • LUGATO mirror adhesive 310 g: suitable for bonding mirror tiles and mirrors, but also for repairing window glass. The adhesive inhibits vibrations after curing and is extremely resistant to aging.
  • Mirror tape mounting tape tesa: This mounting tape is suitable for mounting mirrors on flat surfaces, especially in damp rooms. On wood and MDF you should try the tape before. Attention: The substrate must be completely dust-free!

Gluing glass and wood with assembly adhesive

Even a simple assembly adhesive can be useful when it comes to gluing glass on wood. However, the material is usually colored white, so it is not suitable for gluing clear glass.

Tips & Tricks

For coated glass, it is better to try in advance to see if your chosen adhesive will set the coating on. Plexiglas is also sensitive to many solvents!