What is drinking water?

What exactly is meant when talking about drinking water? Which legal definition is there for that? And what quality requirements apply to drinking water and other water types? All answers to this question can be found in this post.

In Germany, drinking water is defined as water suitable for human consumption. It must meet certain requirements that are specified in the Drinking Water Ordinance. Water that has not been properly checked does not qualify as drinking water in Germany.

The limit values ​​set by the Drinking Water Ordinance in Germany are based on a Europe-wide directive for drinking water. It is codified in 98/83 / EC and has since been transposed into national law by all member states. This means that the same quality of drinking water requirements apply throughout the EU.

Other types of drinking water

Spring water is defined separately in Germany, as well as there is a separate regulation for bottled water. While it is required for spring water that it has at least drinking water quality and that the water sources also have to be checked accordingly, bottled water has far lower requirements.

Bottled water may - with a corresponding note - also be sold in bottles. In some cases its quality is even worse than some tap waters. It also often has an artificially added mineralization, so it always tastes the same regardless of the source of water used. By contrast, spring water always has a certified, officially confirmed, natural mineralization.

A special feature is medicinal water. It is not a food, as the other types of water, but is considered a medicine. For this reason, it must be particularly pure, the medicinal water sources in Germany are checked very strictly. For medicinal water is no longer the Drinking Water Ordinance, but the drug law. But it is suitable for continuous drinking in any case.

Tips & Tricks

Drinking medicinal water should be either in addition to the normal water intake in several glasses per day, or otherwise often switch the source of water to achieve a balanced mineralization of the body. An exception are, of course, acute or chronic complaints that you want to alleviate.

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