What helps against lime?

The water hardness is not the same in all areas. Where high water hardness prevails, lime is often a problem. The following contribution reveals how one can manage against limescale deposits.

Options for lime control

  • preventive water softening
  • acids
  • alkalis

Preventive water softening

Softener systems can help to lower the carbonate hardness of the water and thus avoid the formation of scale in boilers, washing machines or kitchen appliances.

Softener systems work in most cases according to the ion exchange principle. The hardness formers calcium and magnesium are removed from the water and exchanged for Na + ions.

The water hardness should not be lowered too far, because soft water can also have disadvantages. A water softening is actually useful only from 14° dH.


Acids help to remove hard lime deposits in equipment that forms by heating the water. Boilers are particularly affected because these devices always run at over 60° C due to the Legionella switching, and therefore all the lime dissolved in the water is precipitated.

Any strong acid is able to dissolve lime. Citric acid and acetic acid are the most effective, for lime-containing deposits and urine stone in the toilet has proven itself as a home remedy for a long time Coca Cola. It is also an acid and dissolves almost all deposits when exposed overnight.

The dosage of the acids must be very precise. In the area of ​​the washing machine, for example, sensitive small parts inside the machine can be destroyed by the acid very quickly. Here better finished softening products in tablet form should be used.

Such softeners are also available for the coffee machine and the kettle.


Alkalis such as suds help to remove so-called lime soaps. They arise from the connection of lime with fatty acids. Due to the high amount of softeners in the detergent such deposits are very effectively dissolved by wash liquor.

In addition, there are also special lime cleaners on the market, which can also dissolve deposits containing lime after a short reaction time. As a rule, they are only slightly effective against scale, as it is hardly soluble anymore.

Tips & Tricks

With home remedies, there is always the risk of overdose - so beware!

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