What is there to pay attention to with a wooden balcony flooring?

Wood is also one of the most popular building materials outdoors, creating a pleasant, natural atmosphere. But so that, for example, a balcony flooring made of wood weather conditions, it must be laid on special and treated. Only those who adhere to the rules for drainage and care will enjoy their wooden floor for many years.

This is how the underground should be

You can also lay a balcony covering made of wood on an already existing floor covering, for example on tiles. It should be noted, however, that the floor level will increase noticeably again, because wooden floorboards and tiles require a professional substructure.

In any case, you should ensure a well-sealed and above all dry surface. Check carefully whether there is still a balcony renovation before laying the floor. In addition, the balcony floor requires a gradient of 1 to 2%, so that the rainwater flows reliably.

As a rule, a wooden balcony covering is laid on a substructure so that the wooden floor is not wet in rainy weather and possibly rots. There are a few rules to follow.

Create a professional substructure

  • Install roof battens across the balcony slope
  • Longitudinal ventilation is often not necessary
  • maximum distance between laths: 60 cm, much less, depending on the surface
  • Place substructure on plastic feet or wooden spacer blocks
  • Do not damage the balcony seal during installation
  • possibly lay gravel and sand as a drainage layer
  • Alternative to gravel: drainage mats
  • Screw wooden planks onto substructure

Tenants may not intervene in the building fabric when laying your wooden floor on the balcony. The mentioned plastic feet for the substructure make it possible to lay the flooring without having to drill into the balcony floor.

Lay wooden decking

Use stainless steel screws to screw on the boards, other metals may discolour the wood. With hardwood you have to pre-drill the holes, in softwood the screws can be screwed in with the cordless screwdriver. However, hardwood is recommended for outdoor use.

Leave between the planks about 2 mm wide gap open, so that the rainwater can seep away. With the help of special spacer blocks you keep an even distance. Even around the floor, a narrow gap should remain open.

Recommendation: Wooden tiles with plastic base

Especially easy is the laying of wooden tiles that sit on a plastic frame. This flooring brings its substructure itself and can be installed with the help of a plastic grid directly on the existing surface.

Tips & Tricks

A waxed or oiled balcony covering made of wood looks particularly good, but also requires special care. Use only special outdoor material, treat your floor regularly and protect it as much as possible from rain.

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