What is a box spring bed?

Boxspring beds are very popular especially in North America and are often praised for their excellent sleeping characteristics. But what is a box spring bed? Where does the name come from and what makes it different from a conventional bed? Here's more.

Where does the name come from?

Boxspring beds were invented in the USA and therefore their name comes from the English: "box" means something like "box" and "spring" in this context means "spring". "Boxspring" means as much as "spring box". Because that's what makes a box spring bed: It's practically a box with feathers.
Due to its origin, the box spring bed is also often called American bed or continental bed. In addition, it is often used in hotels in Europe, which is why it is also known as the hotel bed.

Construction of a box spring bed

  • The most important element of a box spring bed is the base frame: it consists of a solid wooden frame in which several layers of suspension are contained in a mattress. The whole is surrounded by a padded layer of fabric. This base is practically like a mattress with feet, which is why it is also referred to as a mattress.
  • On this frame is now a mattress, which may be any mattress.
  • For maximum comfort, a topper, a few centimeters thick mat, can come on top. Above all, the topper should protect the mattress. Although some people think it is superfluous, it has the advantage of protecting the mattress from nocturnal perspiration. Condensation and other flow into the topper, which can be washed.

Different degrees of hardness

Box spring beds are available in different degrees of hardness. These range from H1 (very soft) to H4 (very firm). Which degree of hardness is best for whom depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the sleeping position. Find out more about the optimal degree of firmness for your sleeping position here.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other beds

Probably the biggest drawback of a box spring bed is the price: Under 500 € you will not get a good box spring bed. Is it worth the price? The opinions are divided. Optimal comfort and a secure back are promised. But is not that cheaper with a back-friendly slatted frame? Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of a box spring bed here.

Tips & Tricks

Before deciding on an expensive box spring bed, you can consider getting a high-quality slatted frame: an electrically adjustable 7-zone slatted frame not only protects the back, but also height adjustable at the touch of a button, so you can comfortably read in bed, watch TV or have breakfast. Although there are also height-adjustable box spring beds, but this little extra will cost you a lot of money. A high-quality slatted frame with a good mattress is much cheaper than an equivalent box spring bed.

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