What does it cost to have a car key copied?

Most modern cars can be opened with a remote control key, but usually also includes a mechanical key to the equipment. Older cars have only the mechanical opener. What is the cost of copying both types of car keys?

Duplicate Mechanical Car Keys: Which Price is Common?

Old, mechanical car keys (from about before 1995) can often duplicate the key service in the supermarket. For this, however, at least one original key must be available as a template. The cost is about 10 to 20 EUR.

When losing a modern car key, it is usually unavoidable to contact the automaker. Car keys from date of manufacture approx. 1995 contain a chip that deactivates the electronic immobilizer. Information about this gives you the said locksmith.

Producing a new mechanical chip key by the manufacturer is more expensive, but with the application for a personal identification, this system ensures greater theft security. Expect a price of about 50 EUR.

Imitate remote key for car

Radio key is not the same radio key, many a modern key is like a multifunctional car remote control. You can only apply for a new remote control key in the specialist workshop, the authorized dealer or directly from the manufacturer.

To apply for a remote key, you should have your ID card, driver's license and, if possible, your vehicle registration document. Then you need a few days patience until the new key arrives. This must then be "trained" on the car, so that it works.

The cost of imitating a wireless key are approximately between 130 and 160 EUR, the learning (also called coding) costs about 30 to 50 EUR extra. As a rule, the remaining keys still to be re-coded.

Replace lost car key: a price example

A car driver has lost his keychain, there was a mechanical key for the car and a remote control key. His wife has the two keys still in the original. For security, the woman's mechanical key receives a new chip.

Cost overviewprice
1. Duplicate mechanical key with chip45 EUR
2. imitate radio key135 EUR
3. Teach in the new remote key30 EUR
4. Teaching the wife's key30 EUR
5th new chip25 EUR
total265 EUR

Expensive key loss - cut costs

To reduce costs, you may be able to buy a suitable used remote key. The part number and frequency should match, the "training" takes place at the dealer or in the workshop. Inquire in advance if this is technically possible in your case.

Tips & Tricks

If you have lost your car key, you should inform your hull insurance as soon as possible to get your insurance cover in any case. A theft is also reported to the police.

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