What costs are incurred for the gas connection at the house?

A modern gas condensing heating works surprisingly economical, but first of all a connection has to be made. Find out here about regulations and costs for the gas connection to your house.

Worth knowing about your new gas connection

The responsible gasworks will relocate the gas connection from the public gas network to your gas meter and the main stopcock. For this work, they provide you with a cost calculation based on the cable length.

But you can not use your heating yet, you still need an additional gas installation inside the house, which entails further costs. Contact a local plumbing contractor for this.

The costs increase even if there is no gas supply network in your street. It's best to ask your local authority if you are planning a new development on an undeveloped property.

Regulations for the gas connection

The domestic gas connection is subject to the TRGI, the "Technical Rules for Gas Installations" or the TRF "Technical Rules for LPG". Cables laid underground must be 60 cm to about one meter, but no more than 2 m deep.

Inside the house, you may lay your gas pipes either exposed or plastered, without a cavity or in pipe shafts. Never attach other lines to a gas line!

These costs await you

The costs for a gas connection can not be calculated on a flat-rate basis. They are geared to the workload, the material consumption and the local price structure. We provide you with guideline values ​​that serve your price orientation.

The installation costs for the area from the public network to the gas meter are around 600 to 1,000 EUR. With longer line systems, however, it can also be more expensive.

For the gas connection inside the house you should again estimate about 800 to 1.200 EUR. So they come to an approximate total price between 1,400 and 2,200 EUR.

Price example for the gas connection

A new building receives a gas connection. The responsible local operator provides the connection to the public gas network. The sanitary specialist connects the heating to the grid.

Cost overviewprice
1. Connection to gas meter840 EUR
2. Connection inside the house860 EUR
total1,700 EUR

Cost of commissioning your heating

In addition to the actual connection costs, the costs for commissioning are added. The counter installation costs you approximately 30 EUR, a possible connection interruption falls with approximately 25 EUR weight. The commissioning of the new gas system costs about 30 EUR.

Tips & Tricks

If necessary, consider the purchase of a gas detector. This is expensive as a smoke detector, but in an emergency life-saving as well!

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