What are the costs of renovating a house?

Renovating a house can be a very complex project. First of all, the owner needs a list of all existing deficiencies and then obtains offers for the individual measures. Which renovation measures are usual - and how can the costs be classified?

To renovate a house: These measures are common

In the course of a house renovation sometimes only cosmetic repairs are necessary, for example, the painting of the inner and outer walls, the replacement of the floor coverings and the painting of the windows. In other cases, however, must also be thoroughly rehabilitated.

If there is a suspicion of profound defects, it is worth consulting a real estate appraiser. After a site visit, he can tell you exactly which damages need to be repaired in which way. These are the most common work in progress:

  • Renew central heating
  • Replenish the roof
  • Insulate the roof
  • Attic
  • Renovate bathroom and guest toilet
  • install new water pipes
  • Renew power lines
  • Dry the basement
  • mold remediation
  • Insulate outer or inner walls
  • Replace windows and doors
  • Change / improve room layout

Renovate house: the cost of individual items

A bath renovation costs you between 5,000 and 25,000 EUR, for the new external insulation you have to expect about 100 EUR per square meter. The renewal of electrical wiring costs about EUR 20 per meter of cable.

Depending on the pre-condition of the walls, a façade painting costs about 12 to 25 EUR per sqm including scaffolding. New windows have a price of about 100 EUR per square meter of window area, the installation costs are already included.

Cost example of a renovation project

A couple has inherited a house and would like to thoroughly renovate before moving in: the bathroom does not look nice, the heating is outdated and the roof uninsulated.

Cost overviewprice
1. new bathroom18,000 euros
2nd new central heating5,500 EUR
3. insulation of the roof7,000 EUR
4. various cosmetic repairs5,500 EUR
total36,000 euros

Observe current regulations for insulation

Inquire carefully about the current insulation regulations for old buildings in order to bring your house up to date. A look at the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) will help.

Tips & Tricks

Ask the IHK or the local Chamber of Crafts for an independent appraiser.

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