What does the demolition of a detached house cost?

If a single-family home is in a condition in which redevelopment can no longer help, it must be demolished. In this article, you'll learn about the factors that depend on demolition costs, and a sample calculation that reveals the costs involved.

Often the renovation helps

A renovation helps to make a partially damaged house again a completely clean and error-free construction. With moisture and mildew of normal proportions, this is not a problem; After a specialist has found the job, a refurbishment company takes care of the rectification. Most renovations do not even have to be thought of as demolition.

A demolition is therefore due if either the cost of remediation would be much too high or no rehabilitation is possible. If the entire house is moldy and almost no area is in order, such a case occurs. Here only the demolition helps.

What does the demolition of a detached house cost?: does

Cost factors during demolition

A decisive factor, of course, is the size of the house, on which time and effort depend; Detached houses are usually at an advantage here. The local events are also of great importance: it is an advantage if the house is easily accessible from all sides; For disabilities, the necessary precautions will add extra cost.

Any necessary security measures, for example, if the house is located directly on a public road, also incur additional costs. This also applies to closely adjacent buildings, which require comprehensive protection against demolition. The contents of the house also play a certain role: if, for example, hazardous waste or other hazardous substances or substances are present in the house, the demolition company must proceed separately.

A cellar causes additional costs, because the degradation in the ground is not quite as easy as above ground. So if you are interested in a new building, you should ask for proof of compaction in order to confirm the proper demolition of the cellar and the subsequent replenishment. In addition to the main costs, of course, other costs, for example, for the disposal of.

Exemplary calculation

The following example is a one-family house with a living area of ​​130 square meters, where the conditions for demolition are favorable; there are no barriers.

Cost overviewprice
1. Planning the demolition800.00 EUR
2. Preparatory work3,000.00 EUR
3rd demolition12,000.00 EUR
4. Demolition of the cellar, compaction5,000.00 EUR
5. Disposal1,500.00 EUR
total22.300,00 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to inform yourself about the prices at various demolition companies and get an offer for your single-family home. The above mentioned calculation indicates a possible average price, with overpriced demolition companies our example could easily have cost 30,000 euros.

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