Which fabric for the four-poster bed?

Which fabric is suitable for a four-poster bed? Which color has which effects? Create romantic, modern, childlike or majestic four-poster beds with the right choice of fabrics.

How can you attach the fabrics?

    There are many different ways to attach fabrics to the four-poster bed.

  • A big cloth over the whole bed: In the true sense a sky can form a big cloth, which is clearly wider than the whole bed: Stretch the cloth over the entire bed and staple it at the corners firmly.
  • Curtains: This variant is the most common. The fabrics are attached like curtains at the corners and can be pulled in if necessary.
  • Fabric panels: It is also possible to stretch several pieces of fabric over the bed, usually from the head end to the foot end. Here you can combine contrasting colors for a modern look.
  • Border: Often the crossbars are covered with a lace fabric, giving the bed an extra chic touch.

Lightweight fabrics for a casual look

Particularly popular with four-poster beds are slightly translucent, lightweight textiles. So, even if you close your four-poster bed around, you can still look outside. Voile, a transparent, fine-grained fabric that is also used to make veils, is particularly popular. He is available in all colors.

Indian touch

If you love Indian culture and have a lot of Indian-inspired decoration in your bedroom, then you will certainly like a four-poster bed made of Indian shawls or scarves. Hang e.g. a large Indian cloth across the bed and attach other hanging Indian decorative elements, such as wind chimes or long strings of pearls, or narrow scarves in matching colors at the corners.

Curtains for the four-poster bed

If you do not feel like trimming and tying fabrics, you can also just buy pre-sewn curtains for your four-poster bed. Here you can choose curtains specially made for four-poster beds as well as curtains for the window. Pay attention only to the right length!

Heavy fabrics give the bed a majestic character

If you want to bed like the old kings and queens, you can make your four-poster bed with heavy fabrics. However, this is only recommended if the cross bars are very stable and can withstand a lot of weight. It is not advisable if you have only tensioned ropes as a crossbar. Choose a dark red fabric with golden effects to perfect the majestic look.

Tips & Tricks

Just build your four-poster bed yourself. Here we explain how it works.

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