From which material should I sew my sofa cover?

Textiles are like sand by the sea: one fabric looks wonderfully light, the other elegant and heavy. Sometimes these are tough, easy-care materials, but in other cases you have to be hell-bent on not damaging the delicate surface. The world of patterns and colors also proves to be enormously diverse.

The right cover for my sofa: how should it look?

Let's start by looking at the look alone: ​​most people prefer a plain-colored fabric on the couch, either in a low-key tone or in cheerful colors. Red and orange sofas give the room warmth, but they are pretty much in the foreground.

A white, cream or light gray sofa looks very discreet and adapts to any environment. Unfortunately, you can see every stain on the fabric, also the bright color may appear a little undercooled.

Patterned fabrics bring life and dynamics into play, in combination with plain-colored cushions such a sofa looks particularly chic. It is only important that the chosen fabric fits well with the rest of the room.

Sew a sofa cover: These fabrics are ideal

The material quality of the sofa cover counts at least as much as the design. Since most of the seating is used very often, the textile must be able to withstand as much as possible and be easy to maintain. The following substances are eligible:

upholstery fabricIncluded materialpropertiesmaintenance
Cotton blendCotton with polyamide or polyesterdense, elastic and robusthardly wrinkles, can be wiped wet
pure cotton100% cottonnot very elastic, wrinkled, warm, kind to the skinstain-susceptible, suitable for washing machines
microfiberfinest fibers of polyester, polyacrylic or polyamideelastic, wrinkle-free, soft, dimensionally stable, robusteasy to clean
fleecepure polyesterelastic, cuddly, warm, wrinkle freestain-prone, relatively easy to clean
terryas a cover fabric pure polyesterhighly elastic, wrinkle-free, soft, warmEasy to clean, machine and dryer-proof
jersey97% cotton, 3% Elasthanelastic, soft, adaptable, wrinkle freeEasy to clean, machine and dryer-proof

Most of these fabrics are wonderful in every sense as a fabric cover for a sofa. Only with the pure cotton it could give problems, because it lacks elasticity: The seating furniture can not be covered so easily.

You should keep this in mind when sewing a sofa cover!

Equip your self-sewn sofa cover with practical zip or Velcro fasteners to quickly and easily be able to solve it again. This will ensure that you can wash the fabric if it is dirty in the washing machine.

Tips & Tricks

Choose a machine washable, non-iron textile that may even be suitable for tumble drying. So you have the least amount of work during the cleaning and can get your couch fresh after only a few hours.

Product Image: Oleksandr Berezko / Shutterstock

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