What is the cost of topping up a prefabricated house?

You have built a finished single-family dwelling, but need more living space due to a changed living situation? Then the topping up is a good solution. In this article you will learn what advantages it offers and what the increase in a prefabricated house can cost.

Low costs - a clear advantage

But why should you stock up, is not cultivation much more effective? Wrong, an increase is even more useful in many cases, but in almost all cases cheaper than an extension. There are several reasons for this: On the one hand, you neither have to buy new building land nor "consume" your garden area to create additional living space.

If you decide to grow, in many cases the heating system has to be completely re-aligned and installed in order to heat the area obtained. Not so with the increase: here can be easily connected to the existing heating system.

What is the cost of topping up a prefabricated house?: topping

The same applies to other pipes and pipes, for example, for electrical and sanitary. Most of these systems are installed in such a way that they can easily be extended. Although this is also possible when growing, in the topping but usually associated with less effort.

How high are the costs?

The cost of topping up the prefabricated house is very different, as several factors play a role here. This includes above all the equipment of the rest of the house: Is it high quality, so with good insulation, high-quality floor and wall coverings equipped, the increase is of course more expensive, since the space won is adapted to the existing.

In essence, there are three cost points to you: planning, the increase itself and the facility. In the following calculation we have given average prices per square meter; As I said, they can vary widely.

Cost overviewprice
1st increase800.00 EUR / sqm
2. Planning costs20.00 EUR / sqm
3rd facility45.00 EUR / sqm
total865.00 EUR / sqm

With an area of ​​100 square meters to be increased, the total costs amount to EUR 86,500.00.

Tips & Tricks

Compare with different providers, what are the costs for an increase and an extension. It is quite possible that a cultivation in your case is rather worthwhile.

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