What is the life of a refrigerator?

Especially when buying new, or when considering a new purchase, the question arises again and again about the usual life of a refrigerator. Which average values ​​are usually given and which deviations are possible can be found here.

Average life

On average, the refrigerator is expected to last about 10 years. However, devices can also become significantly older and still run smoothly. Individual refrigerators are even up to 20 years without difficulty in use.

Write-off duration and lifetime

Anyone who wants to write off his kitchen and appliances as a landlord must presuppose certain values ​​for the service life. During the lifetime of the device, it must be written off. For refrigerators are also usually 7 years, as well as for microwave and dishwasher. For the stove applies financially only a "life" of 5 years. However, these values ​​may vary depending on the circumstances, and have nothing to do with the actual life of equipment.

power consumption

It should be noted, however, that in older devices, the energy consumption can be disproportionately high. The purchase of a new device can pay off in many cases, therefore, within a few years, if you choose the right refrigerator.

The annual energy costs between a 10 year old and a new A +++ refrigerator can be well over 100 EUR per year, the older the device, the greater the difference due to the inevitable loss of power.


For households with a large stockpile, more and more mini-cold rooms are gaining ground. They offer much more capacity than a refrigerator (around 1,000 liters). Their lifespan is usually much higher than that of a standard household refrigerator, but the initial cost is also high.

Tips & Tricks

The life of a refrigerator can be extended by treating it with care, and by ensuring that it does not have to work too much. These include a location as cool as possible, the appropriate climate class and adequate ventilation of the refrigerator.

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