What is a low energy house?

In times when energy costs continue to rise, houses should be equipped with modern, efficient technology to get the most out of the expensive energy. Below you will find out what a low-energy house is and how to make your prefabricated house future-proof.

No house, but a standard

When you hear the term "low-energy house" for the first time, you probably think of a special type of construction characterized by a multitude of extraordinary energy measures. It's not that complicated. Every house may bear this name if it meets certain energy-technical requirements.

But what exactly does this standard include?

The strength of a low-energy house is not directly a particularly efficient way of generating energy. It is primarily an insulation that optimally isolates the generated heating energy. Because the longer energy can be used without being "replaced", the lower the energy costs.

What is a low energy house?: prefabricated

Essentially, good insulation consists of an optimally insulated exterior wall, an absolutely tight roof and well-insulated windows, doors and roller shutter boxes. If these requirements are met, the maintenance costs of your house will be noticeably lower.

Of course, better insulated walls, doors or windows require an initially higher investment. And if you do not leave the house after one year, it will be guaranteed to pay off; it's only a matter of time, especially at today's energy prices.

How can I verify that?

An important test that you can use to test the tightness of your home is the so-called "blower door test": all the openings in your home are sealed as tight as possible while air is pumped through the front door. If the resulting pressure drops in any way, it's a sign of leaks.

Are there differences in the prefabricated house?

Precisely because of the trend toward more massiveness in prefabricated houses, excellent sealing is no problem. A modern prefabricated house can be equipped with the same insulation as a "normal" house and therefore has no difficulty to reach the standard of low-energy house.

Even if you want to retrofit your prefabricated house with these measures, you have numerous options. Renovation and refurbishment companies offer high-quality insulation for all house components. This subsequent investment pays off just like a well-insulated house from the beginning.


The following overview shows you once again the information about low-energy house:

  • Low energy house is a standard for efficient, future-oriented house building
  • Good insulation of all components in the focus of a low energy house
  • Blower door test shows if your house is tight
  • Modern prefabricated houses ideally suited as low-energy houses
  • Retrofitting of efficient insulation possible

Tips & Tricks

Ask your prefabricated house manufacturer about the additional costs of a low-energy house and calculate when you have the costs back "in there". It is also best to compare the prefabricated house providers themselves.

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