What are the dimensions of an induction hob?

While built-in cookers are almost always the same size, cooking hobs are not necessarily. What dimensions induction hobs can have, and what standards there are for dimensions, can be found in this article.

Standardization for hobs

While the dimensions of old plate stoves were generally the same, this has changed significantly with the introduction of glass ceramic hobs and induction hobs.

Possible dimensions

Even the latitudes can be very different. They are generally around 36 cm to 90 cm for induction hobs. Frequent widths are tens of many manufacturers - ie 50, 60 or 80 cm. But that does not always apply.

Installation dimensions and dimensions

The installation dimensions of induction hobs may differ more or less significantly from the dimensions of the hob. In some cases, there are even different installation dimensions for one and the same induction hob.

For example, for a hob, you can specify: Installation length 490 - 500 mm, installation width 750 - 780 mm.

Here you can actually choose different mounting dimensions for the device. The best thing to do is to use the plate thickness of the worktop. The smaller the thickness of the worktop, the lower you should also choose the installation dimension.

But it is also important that in addition to the installation dimensions and the applicable ventilation requirements for the induction cooker or hob are met.

Installation of new hobs

If an old hob is to be replaced with a new one, you must make sure that the installation dimensions for the new hob are at least equal to or larger. Otherwise, installation is not possible. Incidentally, the same applies to glass ceramic hobs without induction.

Tips & Tricks

In order to be able to saw out a section in the correct size, many hobs are fitted with so-called installation templates. With their help, the required section can be made very precisely

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