What are the dimensions of beds in Germany?

In Germany there are many different dimensions for beds. In addition, the dimensions of the imported beds such. the American sizes or the French bed. Here is an overview of the dimensions of beds you can find in a furniture store.

German dimensions


The smallest cot is 60 x 120cm tall, then follows 70 x 140cm and 70 x 160cm and the largest cot measures 90 x 160cm.

single beds

Single beds can be from 90 x 190cm to 120 x 200cm in Germany. All combinations in between are practically possible.


The dimensions for double beds range from 140 x 200cm or 180 x 190cm up to 200 x 220cm. Widths of 140, 160, 180 and 200cm are possible as well as lengths of 190, 200, 210 and 220 cm.

French bed

French beds are also available in different sizes: from 150 x 190cm to 150 x 210cm. The special feature of this type of bed is that despite their width normally continuous mattresses are placed on the bed, so that no "tourist crack" in the middle arises.

American measurements

Since box spring beds are originally from the USA, they are sometimes available in American dimensions. These dimensions differ significantly from the usual measures in Germany. This has the disadvantage that you may have trouble finding the right size or paying a little extra when you buy fitted sheets, as you will need to resort to imported bed linen.

The most common American dimensions

  • Twin Size: 99 x 190.5 cm
  • Double or Full Size: 137 x 190.5 cm
  • Queen size: 152 x 203 cm
  • California King Size: 183 x 213 cm
  • King size: 193 x 203 cm

The right bed dimensions for you

Length: It is recommended that a bed or mattress be 15 to 20cm longer than the person sleeping on it.

Depth of the bed frame: The mattress should also be sufficiently deep in the bed box so that it can not slip out. Therefore, when buying a slatted base, the height of the grate in connection with the depth of the bed should be considered: The lower the bed, the higher the slatted frame can be, the flatter the bed frame, the flatter the slatted frame should be.

Height of the bed frame: Especially for older people, a bed with comfort height is comfortable, as a high bed makes it easier to get in and out and thus protects the back.

Width: For single beds a minimum width of 90cm is recommended, for double beds 80cm per person should be included, so that both have enough space for sleeping.

Tips & Tricks

When buying a mattress, make sure that it matches the dimensions of your bed!

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