What distinguishes a multi-family house?

The world of building is characterized by a large variety of house types, including the multi-family house. In this article you will learn about typical features of an apartment building as well as essential differences to other types of house.

Several apartments in a building

Everyone has ever seen a multi-family house: The most important characteristic of this house type is the fact that it includes several apartments. The size of a multiple dwelling can be very different: The spectrum ranges from smaller houses with three to four dwellings to large buildings that comprise ten or more dwellings.

High variation

But not only in size, but also in the equipment and the living comfort soft apartment buildings differ strongly: While some houses are to represent the most affordable accommodation, others offer a much better quality of life; In a central location, well-equipped multi-family houses are the only solution to cope with the lack of space.

What distinguishes a multi-family house?: multi-family

As you can see, in terms of size and features, it is very difficult to define the characteristics of an apartment building, as the variety is very large. One should not under any circumstances think that apartment blocks are nothing more than a "social building". Although it is a cheap way to accommodate social housing, it often serves other purposes such as the mentioned lack of space in urban areas.

The optical diversity is great

But not only in the inner values, but also in the look, there is not the "typical" apartment building: While you can see their size clearly in some buildings, other houses look like enlarged two-family houses, which in reality offer much more space.

Most of the current architectural styles and styles can be transferred to the apartment building: Not only the choice between prefabricated and solid house, but numerous design options for roof, floor plan and other components make typical features become increasingly insignificant, as the diversity of apartment buildings always stronger expands.

Many apartments - good organization

Most modern multi-family dwellings are so well constructed and structured that the presence of multiple dwellings does not affect access. While smaller variants can use a staircase and, if necessary, a lift, you will have quick and easy access to your apartment even in larger buildings; an important feature of this house type.

So you see: While the typical features of an apartment building are mainly limited to its size compared to other types of houses, it is very different in essence: furnishings and appearance can vary widely and thus range from social to luxury apartments.

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at different residential areas of a big city to get an impression of the variety and variation of multi-family houses. In this way, you will see to what various purposes multi-family dwellings are being built and that in many cases, they do not have to be "social buildings".

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