How much does a new sliding door cost?

A chic new sliding door does not have to be expensive, bargain offers on the Internet and in the hardware store are also the narrow purse. Even higher demands are well served in the current market, the price of high-quality brand sliding doors and custom-made is of course higher. Take a look at the cost of modern sliding doors with us.

The prices for simple sliding doors

Sliding doors bring with them a big advantage: They are less bulky than other doors, so take up much less space. This is very convenient especially for smaller living space, but even large rooms benefit from a nice sliding door.

A simple, functional sliding door is already available for a price of about 100 to 150 EUR, for example, an aluminum kit with integrated fly screen or a complete sliding glass door made of safety glass.

Some plain white sliding doors without windows are also in this lower price range, they can serve well as a closure for functional spaces, for example, for the pantry or the utility room.

Sliding doors: the middle price range

If the demands increase, so do the costs. In the medium price range for sliding doors, we find both products for a few hundred euros and doors that exceed the 1,000 euros. When pricing, the following factors play a role:

  • material quality
  • high quality design
  • manufacturing region
  • additional equipment
  • brand reputation

For about 400 EUR you get, for example, a sliding glass door with satin decor for the living area, including high-quality handlebar. Also about 400 EUR costs a real wood veneer oak door for rustic equipped rooms.

Sliding doors at a price of over 1,000 EUR

If you invest more than 1,000 EUR for a sliding door, you can expect high quality. Large-area patio doors with anti-burglar effect and double glazing are priced in this area, but also numerous interior doors.

Where stainless steel and high-quality decorative glass mate, exotic woods are used or well-known top manufacturers launch their exclusive designs on the market, we speak of the luxury area of ​​sliding doors.

Of course, a sliding door can also be made to measure, for example, by the local carpenter. A very simple, small-sized product may cost less than $ 1,000, but a hand crafted luxury door can be priced a lot higher.

Price example for a sliding door

A homeowner orders a sliding door on the Internet. Since he can not install them himself, a professional must come to help him. Of course there are shipping costs.

Cost overviewprice
1. Sliding door with wooden frame and glass inserts550 EUR
2. Shipping30 EUR
3. Installation500 EUR
total1,080 EUR

Custom-made sliding door for a small price

Various do-it-yourself instructions on the internet tell you how to build your own sliding door. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can definitely go for such a project and be happy afterwards about the money saved and the beautiful door.

Read the second part of this series on this topic, this is about self-made sliding doors.

Tips & Tricks

Also in the field of sliding doors, there are always bargains and remnants. With a little patience you will surely find a great product for little money!

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