What do paving stones cost?

Of course, it depends very much on whether you want to buy concrete pavers or natural stones. A price comparison is always worthwhile and sometimes hiding in flat rates including transport, the best deals.

Mixed costing of craft businesses

If you have your plaster laid by a craft business, complete packages are often put together that summarize materials, labor and transportation. The mixed calculations can often be the cheapest option for you, even if the pure material costs for the paving stones are higher than from other sources. Since the material stone is very heavy even in small quantities and also bulky, compared to other goods the cost of transport and movement is very high. Therefore, you should not separate the individual items of an offer, but add individual offers with separate costs for material, transport with loading and unloading and the pure work and together with the package offers.

Concrete paving stones cheapest

For concrete paving stones, they can calculate with the price range of six to twenty euros per square meter. While in the range below ten euros usually the concrete-gray compound stones such as bone or honeycomb stones, lawn bars and rectangular paving stones are offered, most colored products cost between nine and twelve euros. Special surface treatments such as rumbling, drumming or water jetting increase the price per square meter by a few euros. Infiltratable eco-bricks made of special concrete mixtures range from 15 to 20 euros per square meter.

Large price range for natural stone

While common basalt, gneiss or granite costs marginally more than concrete products if left untreated, higher quality natural rocks can quickly cost a hundred euros or more per square meter, depending on grade, finish and texture. In the price range between thirty and eighty euros you will find all types of natural stone from which paving stones are made. Marbled rock of porphyry or precious granite can cost as much as marble itself over one hundred euros per square meter.

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