Which post carrier for the carport - here's the answer

For many constructions such as carports, wooden supports are used. These must be attached to the floor so that the carport is stable. The connection between the foundation and the wooden girder is made via a post girder. The trade offers different anchor shoes, which leads directly to the question of which post carriers should be used for the carport.

Conditions for a carport: foundation and post carrier

If you have decided on a carport, some requirements have to be met. The stands on which the carport rests initially require a foundation. In addition, a vehicle should be parked underneath. These depend on the vehicle usually 1 to 3 tons.

The possible foundations

This should already be taken into account if you want to pour the foundation yourself. You have the choice between the following foundations:

  • point foundation
  • strip foundation
  • slab foundation

Usually it will either be a strip or dot foundation. The slab foundation is simply oversized and just an unnecessary additional cost factor.

The post carriers used for a carport

But even before casting the foundation, you should consider which post carriers you want to use for the squared timber profiles that carry the carport. Because there are already clear differences in terms of their attachment. In principle, the following types of fastening can be distinguished:

  • Post girders are embedded in concrete
  • Post girders are subsequently fixed with heavy-duty dowels in the foundation
  • Post girders are glued in holes previously drilled in the foundations

The post carriers that are screwed on, there are rigid models, as well as those in which the posts can be adjusted laterally and in height. This is particularly useful if a slight slope (for draining the footprint) is provided.

Post carrier in U-shape

Usual is the post carrier in U-shape with mounting plate. The post shoe in U-shape can also be connected in the middle with a profiled bar, which is glued or concreted. You can read about how to embed a U-shaped post support here.

Post carrier in H-shape

The second anchor shoe, which is also very commonly used, is the H-post girder. In principle, these are two flat iron profiles which are connected to each other via two further profiles, which are welded transversely. These pole supports can be different in length and width. But also the strength of the flat iron differs. The more weight the pole bearers have to carry, the more they should turn out naturally.

The first "H", ie the lower cross connection disappears in the concrete. Overall, the post girder is embedded in so deeply that the upper cross-link, which serves as the "floor" for the girder, should be about 5 cm above the final (final) ground level. Incidentally, this applies to all post carriers. Because one of the primary reasons why pole holders are used at all is to avoid that the wooden beams get wet and then rot.

Tips & Tricks

Post girders that are screwed on should only be used if the foundations or base plate are already present. After all, up to four holes must be drilled in the foundation. In particular, point foundations must therefore be relatively large that they are not weakened by the holes. Post girders that are embedded in concrete are really tight. In addition, there are no screws that can additionally corrode. For this reason, pay attention also to a high-quality galvanizing of the post carriers.

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