How much does a prefabricated house made of wood cost?

If you decide on a prefabricated house, there are various possibilities of using wood - from invisible to clearly recognizable, rustic character. In this article you will learn which types of wooden house there are and advantages, disadvantages and costs of this construction.

Which types of wooden house are there?

A wooden house does not necessarily have to be designed in such a way that it can be recognized as such. Almost all prefabricated houses are built on this principle: Hardly recognizable as a wooden house, the entire construction, ie all walls, ceilings and the roof, is based on a wooden skeleton. So speaking of a prefabricated house, it is usually a wooden house.

In addition to the "discreet" wood construction, there are various ways to express the use of this material: From the completely wooden log cabin to the variant in which the wood dominates only the interior - on this subject you have a wide and varied selection. Although the classic timber frame construction is still the most popular, but also unusual variants can always sell better.

How much does a prefabricated house made of wood cost?: wood

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using wood?

The use of wood offers many advantages. So only this allows the rapid construction times of only a few days in a prefabricated house. This is ensured not only by the well-rehearsed, well-organized structure, but also by the absence of drying times in a brick building. But even after the construction, the wood shines with its advantages.

This includes first-class thermal insulation, which ensures efficient and energy-efficient living. But this insulation does not need thick walls, but only about 30 centimeters - thank the timber construction. But not only the insulation, but also the room climate benefits from the use of wood - a natural, chemical-free environment is the result.

Since wood is a natural material, it is particularly susceptible to moisture; So you have to be extremely careful to protect the wooden structure. Once moisture has penetrated, the damage spreads quickly and under certain circumstances, the entire construction is lazy.

The costs

Since almost every prefabricated house is built using wood, the wood construction offers neither price advantages nor disadvantages. Although the construction is fast and the material costs are low, but the necessary measures to protect the wooden house requires effort and expense. The following example shows what a finished family house in the timber frame construction costs.

Cost overviewprice
1st plot, 500 sqm40,000 EUR
2. Turnkey single-family house, timber frame construction (120 square meters floor space)200,000 EUR
3. outdoor facilities (garden, terrace)15,000 euros
4. Formalities (land register, notary etc.)10,000 euros
5. Other20,000 euros
total285,000 euros

Tips & Tricks

Inform different vendors about different construction methods and their respective costs, advantages and disadvantages. This makes the final decision easier.

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