Where is the price per liter for high quality wall paint?

Wall paints are available in several price ranges, but low-cost paints often disappoint in two ways: they cover poorly and are difficult to paint because their cohesiveness does not hold them firmly enough against the wall. High-quality colors are usually more expensive, but in most cases, the investment is well worth it. We take a look at the costs.

Do not be afraid to pay for high quality wall paint!

If the cheap color in the hardware store is next to the brand color, often attracts the lowest price, but that can be obvious! Compare the opacity classes and abrasion resistance; The yield in liters per square meter also provides information on whether the purchase is worthwhile.

A wall paint with a low price that covers poorly may need to be painted two or three times. In this case, coats of opacity class 1 may need only one coat, which doubles or triples the price of cheap paint in one shot.

Prices concretely: That costs the liter wall paint!

We looked around for you and collected some sample prices for well-known wall paint brands. Of course, these do not exactly correspond to the liter prices of your nearest color dealer, but they usually come very close to them.

Wall paintPrice (about)
Alpinaweiß4 euros / liter
Polar White3.90 euros / liter
Caparol organic paint3,60 Euro / liter
Germ Biosil silicate paint5.20 euros / liter
Caparol painter4.20 euros / liter
Knauf Easyfresh4,70 Euro / liter

Some home improvement brand hits these prices by a long way, maybe just 2 euros a liter. Take a close look and compare the properties of the wall colors before you access!

If you need several buckets for larger areas, then you can in case of doubt, first buy a small container of paint to paint a small, rather hidden wall. If you like the product, just get supplies.

Tips & Tricks

You do not like pure white walls? Get a selected color on the mixing machine, which is either in the nearest hardware store or the color dealer. The independent mixing makes more effort and usually works not so accurate.

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