What roof pitch in a hipped roof?

The visual effect achieved by a hipped roof depends especially on the right roof pitch. It must fit the actual structure. At the same time it is also important, whether it is a real hipped roof or a crippled roof.

Hipped roof classic

In a classic hipped roof, all four roof sides reach up to the same eaves height. Nevertheless, the hipped roof always has a ridge, where two sides of the roof meet. Missing this ridge, it is actually a tent or pyramid roof.

A more classic hipped roof often has a roof pitch of 35 degrees. But in the meantime more and more the flatter hipped roofs of the mediterranean area have come to us. They usually have at most a roof pitch of 25 degrees.

What roof pitch in a hipped roof?: roof

It is similar with the modern new city villas. They also usually have a classic hipped roof with a low roof pitch between 18 and 28 degrees.

Different roof pitches possible

If you look at the older hipped roofs, pretty much any roof inclination is possible here as well. Many older houses have very steep hipped or crippled roofs. Here the range extends to over 60 degrees roof pitch.

hipped roof

Everyone has heard this term before, but only a few can imagine it. In contrast to a normal hipped roof, the two gable roofs do not end at the height of the cripple hipped roof, but clearly above it.

So here only small implied roof surfaces are built, which nevertheless can give the house itself a high stability. The appearance of a crippled-roofed roof is usually very harmonious, although the smaller roof areas often have a different roof pitch than the actual roof.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to own a particularly classic house, after the pitched roof probably the cripple-hipped roof is one of the best solutions.

Here you still get enough façade space on the gables to be able to use windows, but still have the advantages of a curved hipped roof.

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