How much does a duplex cost?

Probably the most important and interesting topic for many builders is the price. But what does a duplex cost and what is the price advantage? In this article, you will learn by example what a duplex costs and whether it is worthwhile for you.

What influences the costs?

The costs of a semi-detached house depend on several factors: The location as well as the size and equipment of the house have a strong influence on the costs. It is important that you keep track of the many cost items. Because not only the pure construction costs, but also a multiplicity at other costs, for example for the property, a possibly necessary development or the entry into the land book sum up in the end to the total costs.

The example project

In the following example we show what a duplex can cost. It is a 170-square-meter house built on a 600-square-meter prefabricated property.

How much does a duplex cost?: duplex

Cost overviewprice
1st shell, 170 sqm floor area160,000 euros
2. Interior work80,000 EUR
3rd roof40,000 EUR
4th plot, 600 sqm60,000 euros
5. Exterior work (garden, terrace etc.)30,000 euros
6. Miscellaneous (land register, notary etc.)20,000 euros
total390,000 euros

Of course, these prices can vary greatly depending on the region and the supplier, but they show an average price. Since this is a semi-detached house, each of the two builders has to pay half, that is 195,000 euros. This is much cheaper than a family home; This is usually 30,000 to 50,000 euros more expensive than a semi-detached house, the difference can be even greater.

How can you save?

Builders of semi-detached houses have many ways to save money. This starts with the size of the plot and the house; Here you can save the most. However, you should make sure that the space inside and outside of a good comfort, otherwise you have little joy in the living later.

Another effective way to reduce costs is self-service: if you take over the interior design completely or partially, you save yourself a lot of expensive labor costs, but also require manual interest and skill. In addition, the other builder must also be interested in saving money through their own performance.

As you can see, anyone who builds a semi-detached house will always make a sensible decision on the subject of costs. Because if the total cost to the individual is lower, the financing is easier and the credit settled faster. Just make sure to build the duplex with a partner with whom you get along well - that will save you trouble and problems.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure you compare different builders in terms of cost, as there are often big differences. So the chance is much higher that you find an equally fair and competent provider.

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