How much is the body shell cost in a single-family home?

If you are interested in a single-family home, you should be aware of the exact cost of the shell. In this article, you will learn how high the price of an average shell can be and how this price is achieved.

What determines the price of the shell?

The shell is the "bare" frame of your house. It does not include any equipment such as electrical or sanitary equipment nor furnishings such as floor coverings or wallpapers. Therefore, the price of the shell can also calculate much easier than the total price of your house. Essentially, the size, complexity and equipment of the bodyshop determine the final costs.

With equipment in this case, above all, meant the insulation in which you should save by no means. If the shell is well insulated, this will ensure a high level of energy efficiency in the later house. The house is in terms of size, in the advantage over other house types. By complexity is meant the form; A cuboid shell is cheaper than a strong bent.

How much is the body shell cost in a single-family home?: shell

As a rule, the bodyshell has a share of 45 - 50% of the total costs. In other words, if your entire detached house costs 300,000 euros, the cost of the shell construction is around 150,000 euros. A role plays that, if you decide for a development house: Here you pay only the Rohbaupreis, since you take over the complete interior work itself.

The example project

In our example, it is a one-family house with a living area of ​​140 square meters, which is built as a solid house and its shell is thus more expensive than the prefabricated house.

Cost overviewprice
1st shell with cellar130,000 euros
2. Remaining costs (land, interior work, garden, labor costs, etc.)160,000 euros
total290,000 euros

Thus, the price of the shell construction per square meter is about 928 euros. However, this is a lavishly sized family house; In many cases, the price per square meter is about 600 euros.

Tips & Tricks

Ask the developers and architects about the different prices of the shell and compare. So you get a comprehensive overview and can easily decide how you want to build your family home.

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