How can you coat a staircase?

For coating stairs, many different possibilities are available. First of all, the question arises as to which material the staircase is made of: wood, concrete and stone can be designed and sealed in different ways, we will introduce you to the most important materials and methods.

So you coat your concrete stairs

A concrete staircase is usually not an aesthetic highlight, in addition, the steps are usually not slip resistant. A coating is particularly suitable in this case. Choose from different options:

  • simple paint in the desired color, also slip-resistant possible
  • Pebble coating for a beautiful stone look, non-slip
  • Stairs coated with liquid plastic, numerous decors possible
  • Covering with wood, laminate, tiles or stone

Recoat the wooden staircase

Even a wooden staircase eventually needs a thorough overhaul. If the wood surface is already hidden under several, now partially peeling paint layers, first thorough stripping and sanding are required.

On the raw wood can be wonderful to build a new coating. For example, you can stain your stairs in color to give the surface visual depth. It is also possible to apply a beautiful glaze.

As a protective coating, various materials are suitable: lacquer, wax and oil. Above all, make sure that the surfaces are waterproof afterwards and easy to wipe off. Wax coatings tend to attract more dirt.

Coating a stone staircase, does that make sense?

Coatings for stone stairs rather little sense, because the mechanical strength of such paints is usually not very high. Different care products for stone floors optically get the best out of an old stone staircase.

If you do not like the look of your stone staircase, you can take advantage of, for example, step mats or large-scale stair runners, which also have an anti-slip effect. Even a cladding of the stairs can lead to a better visual result.

Tips & Tricks

An old staircase can be beautifully embellished with wall tattoos on the vertical risers. Or stick wallpaper strips on the surfaces mentioned and varnish them with transparent paint to protect against damage.

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