How much does a Swedish house cost as a prefabricated house?

With their classic, rustic style and their elegant charm, Swedish houses are a source of enthusiasm for many clients. But how much does it cost to build a Swedish house as a prefabricated house? In this article you will learn advantages and disadvantages and prices of this construction.

The Sweden House: A classic wooden house

Because Sweden houses are made of wood from the ground up, they represent an ideal basis for prefabrication. Because of the wooden construction mainly used in prefabricated houses, there is no need for any technical conversion; a good prerequisite for technical success. Thus, the Schwedenhaus carries all the advantages of a typical wooden house in itself.

This not only includes a natural indoor climate that is completely free of chemical substances, but also excellent thermal insulation. In times of high energy prices, it is even more important to enable efficient energy consumption. Here, the Schwedenhaus creates a good base, without you having to invest in a variety of expensive insulation materials.

How much does a Swedish house cost as a prefabricated house?: swedish

Another advantage is the variability of the wood construction: If you decide at some point for an extension or conversion, the effort is much lower than in a massive house.

Pay attention to a good insulation

Despite the many advantages, the Schwedenhaus can also pose problems with its wooden construction. Since wood is a natural substance and reacts to moisture, you should insulate the load-bearing inner beams particularly well. If you have made sure, the wooden house has practically no disadvantages.

The costs

The prices of finished Sweden houses are at the same level as other wooden houses of the same size. Some manufacturers charge surcharges for the characteristic design; Compare the prices before you decide for a provider. In the following example we show the costs for a finished Sweden house. It is a one-family house with a floor area of ​​130 square meters.

Cost overviewprice
1st plot, 600 sqm,45,000 euros
2nd Swedish house, turnkey, 130 sqm180,000 euros
3. plot design (garden, terrace etc.)15,000 euros
4. Formalities (notary, land transfer tax, etc.)10,000 euros
5. Other20,000 euros
total270,000 euros

Tips & Tricks

Find out about various developers when it comes to choosing Sweden houses. Some providers specialize in it and can advise you better.

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