What is a turnkey prefabricated house?

If you want to buy a prefabricated house, there are in most cases two variants: On the one hand, the turnkey house, on the other hand, the expansion house. What this term is all about and where the main differences lie is explained in this article.

Turnkey and extension house - where is the difference

If you look in the price lists of the prefabricated house providers, you will notice on some models that two prices are given. The first, usually significantly cheaper than the second, is for a so-called expansion house. The second, more expensive price is then for a turnkey prefabricated house. But where exactly is the difference?

In both variants, your prefabricated house company takes over the shell construction, ie the erection of walls, beams, ceilings and the roof. The name of the extension house is derived from the fact that you have to take over the entire interior design itself. This expansion includes many and sometimes challenging work that should be better adopted by experts.

What is a turnkey prefabricated house?: turnkey

The turnkey house is ready for occupancy on the day of completion. All interior work is done by the prefabricated house company, including all heating, electrical and sanitary work and the complete design of the interior. The furnishings will be taken over as far as you have determined.

Additional Services

The prices shown in the list of prefabricated house companies, both turnkey and extension house, are almost always from the top of the basement. So if you want to set up a cellar, this will be in addition to the price quoted. Also, the construction time is extended by this "extra" by three to four weeks.

But even the indicated price of the turnkey variant is now increasingly surpassed. This is not necessarily dependent on the cellar, but on the increasingly popular individualization. Many builders ask themselves the question: "Do I really want a house, that there are a hundred times in the same form?"

Turnkey the rule

If you decide on a turnkey house, even if the price seems much higher at the beginning, you have made the right decision as a "normal" consumer. Can you imagine completing all the walls, all floors and the complete technology of the house?

If not, that's no shame: the interior design of your prefabricated house takes, depending on the model, eight to twelve weeks, in which a professional team designed your house. Of course you can compare prices: Do you know craft businesses that do the necessary work cheaper than the prefabricated house company?


The following overview is intended to illustrate the information about the turnkey house:

  • House of extension: Here all internal work must be done.
  • Turnkey: All finishing work is done by your prefabricated house company.
  • Basement not included
  • Individuality provides for some higher prices

Tips & Tricks

Compare the prefabricated house companies: Which one can best meet your expectations of a successful interior design?

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