How much does a conservatory cost as an extension?

A conservatory can already be reasonably priced for a homeowner to build on his family home. However, the price differences are large depending on the design. There are a few decisions that are not just budgetary.

Material and construction

Not only the selected material decides over the complete price for the winter garden as cultivation. Much of the cost is spent on labor and insulation. Anyone who can and wants to build their own winter garden can save a lot.

Alu or wood

Most of the kits on the market are made of aluminum. These leaning winter gardens can be built with a helper. They are not isolated or insulated.

The second variant is a conservatory made of wood. Depending on the quality, this can even be upgraded to the extent that it can be used as a living-room conservatory. Cheap wood variants can be found at manufacturers in Poland. A plastic winter garden is often not self-built, which automatically increases its price.

Grow conservatory - two cost examples

The first example is an adjoining winter garden, which the client can build himself. This would allow additional savings. For the most part, these kits are aluminum winter gardens that do not allow heating.

The second example is a plastic mid-range winter garden. Although this conservatory is not yet heated, with some additional details that would be possible. A heater can also be retrofitted here.

Cost overviewprice
1st ring foundation400 EUR
2nd leaning winter garden2,500 EUR
3. Assembly600 EUR
4. Delivery260 EUR
total3,760 euros

Another example.

Cost overviewprice
1st foundation plate1,100 EUR
2. Plastic winter garden6,200 euros
3. Covering 6-fold web plates1,200 EUR
4. Assembly and planning1,300 EUR
total9,800 euros

Tips & Tricks

In the second variant you are later open for everything and can still retrofit a heater in order to add the conservatory to the living space. This increases the value of both the house and the conservatory.

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