What does it cost to sand a parquet

The cost of sanding parquet consists of the work itself, the repeated cleaning and the abrasives. Depending on pre-sealing by wax, oil or varnish, the costs may vary additionally. If you want to grind yourself, equipment rental and abrasives will start.

If you sand down your parquet yourself, you can borrow the necessary very heavy machinery for about eighty euro rental fee in the hardware store. The abrasives are charged extra.

Specialists who grind your parquet for you, offer your services mostly for square meter packages. These costs include abrasives, intermediate and final cleaning. Some providers also charge an additional departure fee.

Often the sanding of the parquet is offered in the package with a new seal with lacquer, oil or wax. There are quotes that include the material, others the abrasives are extra calculated.

Professional craftsmen or parquet sanders offer the sanding of the parquet between twenty and thirty euros per square meter. Abrasives are usually included.

Grind twenty square meters of parquet

For sanding a parquet of twenty square meters, a large surface grinder and a corner grinder are needed. In addition, the same abrasives must be available for both sanding cycles for both machines.

The parquet grinding involves three to four sanding cycles, in which the grain changes from coarse to ever finer. Thorough cleaning must be carried out between each sanding cycle to remove the sanding dust without residue.

With nailed parquets, sanding can require a lot of extra work, as the individual nails have to be hand-sanded and, if necessary, re-nailed.

Cost list (individual elements + total price)

  • Grind parquet including abrasives 400 Euro (20 x 20 Euro)
  • Grind parquet without abrasive 300 Euro (20 x 15 Euro)
  • Dismantle baseboards: 10-20 Euro (18 Lfdm flat rate)
  • One to three arrivals and departures: 20-60 Euro (Km-package note)
  • Interim and final cleaning: 90 euros
  • Total price: 820-870 euros for 20 m²

How can costs be saved?

When grinding yourself, you can waive the lending fee of the corner grinder if a powerful orbital sander is available.

The use of grinding machines with suction reduces the effort in the intermediate cleaning. The intermediate cleaning can also be carried out by the client himself.

Think of rest periods at lunchtime, in the evening and at the weekend. Parquet sanding is noisy and if planning is poor, the waiting times of the craftsmen have to pay.

Compare cost differences for offers with and without material. Ask about individual prices of abrasives and buy the materials from another source if necessary.

Tips & Tricks

Create a schedule with the craftsman showing grinding times and areas. This allows you to take into account rest periods and external circumstances. During the grinding, for example, no telephone conversation is possible in the next room.

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