Which primer is recommended for silicate paint?

Silicate paints do not dry on account of the evaporation of the solvent contained, as is the case with emulsion paints, but chemically. That is why they urgently need a suitable reaction partner to cure, and that is the particular substrate they are painted upon. Precisely for this reason, only a very special primer comes into question.

How does a silicate paint coating dry?

Silicate paints, together with the lime paints, belong to the class of mineral paints, that is, they contain a mineral binder. In the lime paint, it is the lime that makes the coating harden, in the case of the silicate paint, the potash water glass.
Potassium silicate forms under the action of carbon dioxide and in contact with a mineral substrate solid calcium silicate hydrates, the expert says: The paint silicates. This only works on surfaces that contain the corresponding minerals!

What does that mean for the primer?

A primer for silicate paint must therefore also be mineral, so that the silicification is easily done. For this reason, the underground used for dispersion coatings and wallpapering is eliminated because it consists of acrylic or alkyd resins.

The best is a primer that consists of the binder of the silicate paint: potassium water glass. Completely without any organic additives, this substance meets all the requirements to serve as an intermediate layer between the substrate and the visible coating.

Potassium silicate as a primer for silicate paint

Potassium silicate serves as a thinner, fixative and primer at the same time, the following points should be considered when using this substance:

  • When dealing with silicate paints and water glass always provide adequate skin and eye protection, the substances have a corrosive effect!
  • Also glass and tiles must be covered, so that they do not suffer damages by alkaline splashes.
  • Use the primer on heavily absorbent or powdery mineral substrates to create a stable surface.
  • Dilute the primer in the specified ratio with water before applying it (usually 1: 1).
  • You can use a water glass primer both indoors and on the facade.
  • Pure silicate paints, like water-glass primers, are considered to be environmentally neutral, and they also prevent mold and algae growth.

Tips & Tricks

Silicate coatings are regarded as biologically harmless, they maintain the diffusion-openness of the wall, solidify mineral substrates and protect facades even against sulfur-containing exhaust gases. The extra costs compared to regular emulsion paint are well laid out!

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