What does a roof truss cost?

Building a new roof truss is a complex and costly project: The roof of the house must not only be particularly stable, but also statically sized. For an old house the demolition costs are added. What does a roof truss cost?

Cost factors for the roof truss

For the final price of the new roof truss, it makes a big difference whether you first have to tear down an old roof. In addition, you should consider the regional cost differences: The use of craftsmen in urban areas tends to cost more than in rural areas.

A particular cost factor is, of course, the size of the new roof to be built, measured as a roof area in square meters. Of course, big roofs are more expensive than small ones.

Even a weatherproof roof in certain hazardous areas - for example, in close proximity to the sea - will have a higher price. This requires the use of particularly high-quality materials.

Of course, the roof shape and any special constructions play a role in the overall price of the project. Roof dormers and outlets make the roof truss more expensive, but increase the quality of living in the attic.

The finished roof is also a good thermal insulation and a suitable roofing added, also here there is a wide range of costs.

Since the question "What is the cost of a roof truss" can not be answered on a flat-rate basis, we have listed some orientation points in terms of pricing below.

What does a roof truss cost? Specific price information

  • Expect to build an average gable roof at an approximate price of 55 to 65 euros per square meter of roof area.
  • The insulation according to PASSIV HAUS standard will cost you about 60 euros per square meter, the lower price limit for the insulation is about 30 euros per square meter.
  • There are many different materials available for roofing: you have made particularly favorable purchases when you invest 20 euros per square meter, for 100 euros per square meter you get a luxury roofing.

Project example for the construction of a roof truss

What does a roof truss cost? In this concrete project example you can see how much a new saddleback roof with a surface of 150 square meters costs for a single-family home. The homeowner wants a high quality thermal insulation and chooses roof tiles in the middle price range.

  • Roof truss: 10,000 euros
  • Thermal insulation according to the latest standard: 8,800 euros
  • Covering the roof: 7,000 euros

Total cost: 25,800 euros

Save costs: Apply for thermal insulation

Keep in mind that you can seek government grants for your home's insulation measures: Check the website of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (bafa).

Tips & Tricks

For a major project such as the construction of a new roof truss, a careful comparison of offers is worthwhile. Pay attention not only to the price, but also to the reputation and competence of the specialist companies!

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