How much is a terraced house?

When building or buying a terraced house, one thing that is important to most people is the price. This article will give you an overview of the average cost of a terraced house and an example of how to save costs.

Many unit costs

The price of a terraced house consists of numerous, individual cost points, which together add up to the final price. Therefore, it is particularly important for builders to keep track: So plan the construction as detailed as possible in order to calculate the costs in the best possible way.

The following costs should not be forgotten in addition to the main construction costs: The plot, any necessary preliminary work on the site, the interior design, possible basement and the entire costs for planning, approval and the notary. Although some of these costs initially seem small, in the end they add up to a considerable amount.

How much is a terraced house?: terraced

example project

In the following, we calculate the total cost of an exemplary terraced house, which can accommodate five single-family homes with an area of ​​80 square meters on a floor space of 400 square meters. It is built in massive construction. Of course, these prices can vary greatly, depending on price and region.

Cost overviewprice
1st plot, 900 sqm70,000 euros
2nd shell, floor area 400 sqm420,000 EUR
3. Interior work150,000 euros
4th roof70,000 euros
5. Outdoor facilities (terraces, paving etc.)40,000 EUR
6. Organization (planning, approval, notary etc.)25,000 euros
7. Other30,000 euros
total805,000 euros

How can you save?

Good planning that makes as few subsequent changes as possible can save you a lot of money. So you better invest more in the planning, instead of suffering later high costs. You should also set a fixed amount during planning that you do not exceed. This helps you to pay attention to supposedly small additional costs in order not to end up with an overpriced price.

Tips & Tricks

Inform yourself not only at nearby, but also at distant massif and prefabricated house companies for prices and equipment for terraced houses. So you have the largest selection of providers and can compare the costs better.

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