Which snow blowers are suitable for private use

Which snowblower is the right one?

Which snow blowers are suitable for private use: snow

For large terrain with frequent snowfall, a snowblower is a must. We show you in this Snowblowers Buyer's Guide various models that will surely pay off for your purposes quickly.

With such a large purchase, however, it should first be considered which properties are important and which ones are negligible. Should the tiller be powered by electricity or petrol? What works better in the snow - wheels or a chain?

Likewise, the snow throw and the power of the engine are crucial to how well you can handle the snowthrower. But safety must not be neglected.

We have summarized the most important points in a clear overview.

Gas or electricity?

Most snow blowers are powered by gasoline. And that has its good reason too. Finally, snowblowers are bought especially for large plots of land where a power cord could prove cumbersome.

In addition, the combination of power and wet snow is a very inconvenient matter - not to mention that the power cable is then completely wet.

Despite the increasing fuel costs, you should therefore always opt for the petrol version of a snowthrower in order not to be annoyed by the annoying cable that soils the clothes or drips the garage.

Wheels or chain? Snowblower with lighting?

Which snow blowers are suitable for private use: private

In the deep snow snow chains are clearly in the advantage. Wheels could quickly sink in bad weather conditions and then stop moving. However, this snow chain luxury is usually very expensive and should therefore only be used in real deep snow areas.

For the urban private use are Wheel models perfectly adequate. So everything under 20 centimeters of snow can be done easily without expensive snow chains.

The snowthrower is normally operated at the darkest time of the year. If you use the snowthrower for janitorial tasks, you often have to clear the sidewalk from the snow before dawn.

In this case, you should buy a snow thrower with built-in lighting directly. Alternatively, you can of course buy a flashlight or headlamp, with which you can illuminate the way accordingly, because safety always happens.

Snow throw and engine power

Which snow blowers are suitable for private use: which

Unlike a lawnmower, the snow is not collected by a snowthrower, but thrown sideways. The treated area is therefore clean, and the snow is a long way to the left or right.

Each snow blower, however, has a different one Throwing distance, Here one should therefore pay attention to the widest possible ejection distance, so that at least the sidewalk, the sidewalk or the exit for a car does not have to work several times with the snowthrower. Ideally, the ejection distance should be able to be set individually.

Of course, working with the snowthrower is twice as much fun, but you should make sure that the engine has enough power to handle the work quickly. A good snow blower pulls you down and does the work for you automatically.

The wider the snowthrower, the more snow can be processed at once. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the snowblower still fits without problems by garden turfs, etc.

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