What is steel strip?

Exactly what steel strip is, in what ways it can be made, and what else is important to know, is detailed in this post. In addition, which standards apply to strip steels and must be observed.

Production of steel strip

Steel strip is always produced industrially from flat steel. Flat steel is obtained by rolling a piece of steel over and over again. In this case, a hot rolling process is used, that is, the steel is heated during rolling.

Flat steel can now be used either as a so-called long product (flat steel bars) or as a sheet metal product. Flat steel as a sheet metal is either rolled up on so-called coils, or supplied as a sheet metal.

If these flat steel pieces are processed further, this can also result in steel strip. The differences between sheet metal, flat steel and strip steel are tricky.

Sheet metal, strip steel and flat steel

Flat steel is a unit with a maximum width of 500 mm and a limited (recognizable limited) length. For example, it is further processed in stamping shops - to moldings, profiles or similar.

Strip steel, on the other hand, is a rolled up form of flat steel (that is, it is "endless" although its length is naturally limited). Strip steel is mainly used in stamping shops,
to machine mass products in rapid succession.

On the other hand, sheet metal comes in so-called "boards" with fixed dimensions in the processing. Often the difference between sheet metal and flat steel is not precise, but as a rule flat steel is limited in its width. The boundaries for the assignments can, however, be drawn quite differently in some areas - such as shipbuilding. These are not fixed, technical terms that apply equally in all technical areas.

Thickness and steel quality

The thickness can be very different for sheet metal, strip steel and flat steel, as well as the steel quality and the surface treatment or refinement. For strip steel, as with flat steel and sheet metal, it is purely a processing mold. About the steel quality says that, as with sheet metal, nothing.

Tips & Tricks

All three forms - strip steel, sheet metal and flat steel - are known in industry as so-called "semi-finished products". They are only an intermediate step between steel production and final product production. Semi-finished products are purchased from most of the manufacturing industries to make the final products.

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