What to do if the concealed cistern is leaking?

Leaks in a concealed cistern are a particularly unpleasant thing, since the water runs directly and unceasingly into the toilet bowl and thus ensures high water costs. In any case, it is important to act quickly and eliminate the defect. Read here what you should consider.

If the concealed cistern is leaking

Usually it is not perceived at first, when water flows from the toilet flush into the toilet bowl almost imperceptibly. A slight noise or hissing is the first sign of a defect occurring at the flush. If the concealed cistern leaking, but it usually does not stay there. Over time, the amount of water flowing through it increases significantly, resulting in greatly increased water consumption and high follow-up costs. When the water splashes clearly, most people become aware of the problem. Now you should tackle the defect immediately and stop the water waste.

In the beginning is a detailed investigation

There are several possible causes if the flush is leaking and the water is constantly running. These are some common mistakes:

  • Defects and dirt on the drain valve
  • Dirt on the other mechanics
  • defective or blocked floats

For example, if the float is stuck, the water supply is no longer regulated by him or turned off when reaching a certain level. The water runs constantly and gets over an overflow directly into the toilet bowl. This protection mechanism is in place to prevent ingress of water directly into the wall, which would cause great damage there. If the drain valve is leaking or defective, the water runs constantly from the cistern in the toilet bowl, as is the case with normal rinsing, here, however, much faster and not slow running.

Lime as a common cause of error

Lime is a very common cause of failure in sanitary facilities such as cisterns, whether on or under the plaster. A proper decalcification often helps to avert defects or to remedy minor malfunctions. Other trivialities such as stuck swimmers are small causes in themselves, but can have a big impact. The advantage of the repair is that the problem can be very often recognized by the layman, and often at a closer look.

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