What to do if the DeLonghi coffee machine squeaks?

Your DeLonghi coffee machine squeals during the brewing process? The noise is usually very easy to fix. Learn here where the squeaking can come from and what you can do about it.

Forgot fats?

Coffee machines must be greased regularly, so that the items in the brewing group in the truest sense of the word can move smoothly. If greasing does not occur, eventually friction between the moving parts will occur. This creates a squeaky noise. Therefore, it makes sense to grease the DeLonghi coffee machine before it squeaks. Unfortunately DeLonghi does not specify how often the machine should be greased. Other manufacturers talk about once a month or all 500 purchases.

Squeaking through coffee remains

If you do not regularly clean your DeLonghi coffee machine, you may experience a lot more noise: Coffee powder residues can make the movement more difficult. Here's how to clean and grease your coffee machine.

Instructions for cleaning and greasing the DeLonghi coffee machine

  • food safe silicone grease
  • tap water
  • brush

1. Switch off DeLonghi automatic coffee machine!

This step is extremely important. Attempting to remove the brew group while it is in service, ie just below the grinder, will result in permanent damage to the machine. Turn off your DeLonghi coffee machine first.

2. Open the DeLonghi

Fold the front cover of your coffee machine, behind which the brew group is located, like a door. First, pull out the drain pan completely and clean it thoroughly. The brewing group can be easily removed with DeLonghi by simultaneously squeezing the two red buttons right and left and pulling on the group.

3. Clean with the brush

With the brush, you can now remove the loose, dry coffee powder both inside the coffee machine and at the brew group. Alternatively, you can vacuum your coffee machine with a vacuum cleaner on the lowest level.

4. Wet clean

Then hold the entire brew group under running, warm water and rinse well. Do not use dishwashing liquid in order not to influence the taste of the coffee.

5. Grease

Allow the brew group to dry well and grease it with some silicone grease, e.g. well with a cotton swab. Only grease the moving rails on the brew group and the shaft in the rear of the coffee machine. Never lubricate the filter! This leads to blockages.

6. Insert again

Put the brew group back in place and press firmly until it snaps into place. Reinstall the drip tray and close the cover. Now your DeLonghi coffee machine should no longer squeal.

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