What to do if the mattress slips?

It does not sleep well on a slipping mattress, especially when you're sleeping in pairs and gaping in the morning between the two mattresses. Here's what you can do to keep mattresses from slipping.

Two mattresses slip

When two people sleep in one bed, two mattresses are often needed. Thus, the needs of both regarding the degree of hardness of the mattress are met. But especially with boxspring beds there is the problem that the mattresses slip and create an unpleasant gap. But do not worry, these simple steps fix the problem:

  • big fitted sheet
  • Anti-slip pad
  • "Love Bridge"
  • a combination

Large fitted sheet

Two mattresses can be optically combined into a single one by purchasing them with a single large fitted sheet. This also prevents the mattresses from slipping apart. In addition, you can buy a large mattress topper and put it over both mattresses.

Anti-slip pad

In specialized shops or online you can get from 9 € anti-slip documents. However, these are only suitable for continuous surfaces such as box spring beds. This method is also helpful with individual mattresses.

Love bridge

A love bridge is an elongated, V-shaped strip, which is placed in the gap between the two mattresses and thus closes it. The love bridge must be combined with one of the two methods mentioned above, because it does not prevent the mattresses from slipping, but simply closes the gap.

A single mattress slips

If the problem is not that two mattresses slip apart, but it just slips one, the anti-slip mat is the best solution. This can, as I said, be used only on continuous surfaces. If your mattress slips on the slatted base, you can try it with rubber pads at the four corners and at the edges.

Cheap alternative: anti-slip materials

If you do not want to buy an anti-slip pad or are looking for a fast alternative, you can use non-slip materials under the mattress.
This can e.g. his:

  • a non-slip tablecloth
  • Pimple mat for the bathtub
  • non-slip yoga mat
  • pimpled rubber
  • Anti-slip pads (for furniture)

The larger the mat, the better the result. If you only use non-slip rubbers at certain points, you should attach them to all four corner points, as well as at least two on each long side and one in the middle of the top and bottom ends and several under the center of the mattress.

Tips & Tricks

Alternatively, you can also screw an increase on your bed frame.

Product Image: Luca Santilli / Shutterstock

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