What to do if the stairs squeak

The creaking and squeaking of a staircase does not always have to be annoying, to some extent it just goes with an older wooden staircase. However, there is also the case in which the background noise overreaches and is therefore no longer acceptable. If your stairs squeak uncomfortably, pick up the hammer, wedges and acrylic.

Why is the stairs squeaking?

Wood is a natural material that "works" for life due to its special structure. The wood elements swell and fade depending on the humidity, they move against each other. If the range of motion is too great, the individual parts rub against each other under load.

The squeaking of the stairs thus indicates that somewhere something has come loose and in motion. If you want to do something about it, first find out exactly where the squeaking comes from:

  • Sometimes steps rub against the stair string, because there is too much room to move in the step pockets.
  • If the appearance in the front area squeaks, then it is because the horizontal wooden board has been relaxed by the tread load.
  • A third possibility is that there is squeaking noise in the gap between the appearance and the riser above.

How can the squeak be prevented?

The range of motion of the rubbing elements must be prevented or at least cushioned. This works by attaching the loose pieces of wood or lining them with acrylic compound so that they no longer squeak.

  • Remove warped wooden parts and replace
  • screw or wedge moving parts
  • Wedge up the column and fill with acrylic

To wed the loose joints

Lift up the performance by wedging two wedges underneath the step bead. Use a hammer and drive the wedges together until the performance lifts. Then inject acrylic.

Eliminate the squeak from the step pockets by driving a wedge in there and simply cutting it off flush. This restores the casual appearance.

The transition joint between the entrance and the adjoining riser open with two wooden wedges left and right evenly - and then bring in acrylic.

Tips & Tricks

With quarter rods made of wood, acrylic joints can be wonderfully covered!

Video Board: Fixing Stair Squeaks