What to do if the cistern stinks

When stench occurs in a cistern, the cause is always organic decomposition products that develop foul-smelling gases. Roughly speaking, the decomposition process of leaves or other pollutants that have entered the cistern consumes oxygen. After the oxygen from the water is used up, the water "tilts".

Preventive measures must be taken to prevent the ingress of vegetable and other organic matter such as small animals, fur or animal droppings through an appropriate cistern filter. Depending on the type of cistern, several filter passes may be required.

After a cistern stinks, it should first be checked under the connection possibilities whether there is a siphon in the drain or overflow. It prevents the escape of smell from the cistern.

Helpful is the enrichment of the cistern water with oxygen. For a commercial oxygen pump for aquariums or an air compressor can be used for example for air mattresses.

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