What to do if the firewood molds?

Mold is generally considered harmful to health. If it occurs on the firewood, this indicates bad and humid storage. The wood can be rescued in moderate infestation for the next heating season, without endangering the health.

Moldy firewood can be saved

You should not burn moldy firewood in the current heating season. It is better to first store the wood neat and let it dry. A mild mold attack can be due to sufficient drying time in a well-ventilated and uniformly dry storage location go back. The fungal spores of the mold die off during drying or burn when the wood is burned. There is no danger to your health.
It is no longer possible to use heavily moldy firewood that already smells musty and rots. Its calorific value is zero. If possible, complain the appropriate delivery to the firewood dealer.

Reasons for mold growth on firewood

  • High humidity at the storage location
  • No air circulation possible
  • Sufficient nutrients for mold (cellulose from wood)

Prevent mold growth in advance

The mold-promoting accumulation of moisture under the wood pile can be easily avoided. In addition to the professional stacking of firewood you should know how the drying runs in the woodpile. The top layer of your wood pile is heated and moisture evaporates from the wood. This moisture absorbs the air. If the air cools down, the moisture drops down as water. There, the water must be able to escape or drain. But if a foil is laid under the pile of wood or if the firewood lies directly on the ground, the water collects here. It penetrates into the wood, the moisture accumulates. This provides the best conditions for mold growth.

Tips & Tricks

You get good calorific values ​​with firewood when burning dry wood. Fresh wood is unsuitable with a water content of 60 percent. It only brings two kilowatt hours per kilogram. Dried wood with a maximum moisture content of 20 percent doubles the calorific value.

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