What to do to combat mold in the basement

Cause research is the first step when mold has formed in the basement. Three reasons are possible. The walls themselves are damp and leaking from the outside. An increased formation of condensation "nourishes" mildew or spoiled stored organic matter.

Period of mold growth

To determine the cause of the mold in the basement, the place of infestation is an important indicator. First black spots can form in moisture within three to five days. Larger mold with green or black coloring indicates a growth of at least two weeks.

What is essential to do, if even the slightest traces of mold in the basement are discovered, is the immediate fighting. Even with the first small black dots, harmful mold spores can be in the room air.

What to do to combat mold in the basement: combat

Determine cause by cleaning

As a first step, try to find out if the basement wall or walls are damp from the inside.

  1. Clean the mold affected areas with a brush
  2. Be sure to wear respiratory protection while working
  3. Heat the basement room. The inside temperature must exceed the outside temperature
  4. Ventilate three to four times a day. Ventilate in the summer at night or the coldest of the day
  5. Observe the formation of mold over three days. If it stops, condensation and ventilation are the cause

For cleaning, you can use anti-fungal spray, diluted chlorine, alcohol, methylated spirits or vinegar essence. Spray the chosen cleaning agent on the mold. Thoroughly brush it off with a hard bristled brush.

For external cause appraiser

If the mold disappears in the cellar after cleaning, it is "fed" by condensation. It forms when warmer air cools. The rule of thumb is always to ventilate only when the outside temperature is lower than in the basement. If necessary, use a fan heater to heat up the closed cellar before venting.

Should the mold spread again and continue to "grow", it must be assumed that leaking masonry. In this case, you or the owner must consult an appraiser.

Tips & Tricks

Nowadays, the harmful effects of mold are known. Do not wait with the analysis and seek help with consumer or rent protection if the basement is not yours.

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