What to do if the cold foam mattress is worn?

Especially with high-quality cold foam mattresses, it is annoying when they feel worn out after a short time. But what else can you do? Here's how to protect your cold foam mattress from cooling and what you can do if it's worn out.

Kuhlenbildung with new cold foam mattresses: Your rights

If there is any cooling in the mattress during the warranty period, you should definitely complain and should get a new mattress from the dealer without further ado. However, you should first make sure that the cold foam mattress is really worn out and it is not on the slatted base. To do this, examine the slatted frame for damage, set it a little harder or sleep on the floor with your mattress for a night or two to eliminate any doubt.

Prevent formation of cold in the cold foam mattress

Already at or shortly after the purchase, you can prevent the formation of frosts:

  • Buy cold foam mattresses with as high density as possible. The higher the volume, the more stable the mattress is and the longer it takes to sag. A density of 40 to 50 kg / m³ is recommended.
  • Choose a cold foam mattress with an optimum degree of hardness for you. Not only your personal preferences play a role, but also your body weight: the heavier you are, the harder the mattress should be - and the longer it will last.
  • Furthermore, the distance between the slats of your slatted frame should not be too wide. About 4cm are harmful to the mattress.

Prevent early penetration of the cold foam mattress

Another measure is turning the mattress over. By turning them over with each change of bedding, you can delay the development of cooling.

What to do if the cold foam mattress is worn?

If the cold foam mattress is worn out and you still do not want to buy a new one, you can make your sleep reasonably enjoyable with a few measures:

  • Turn the cold foam mattress over.
  • Make the slatted frame harder at the point of the cowl.
  • Place a stable board on the slatted base in the place of the sink.

A change of sleep location can also be helpful.

Tips & Tricks

Before every purchase, you should definitely take each mattress and let us advise you on the optimum degree of hardness.

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