What to do if the fridge is dripping?

For months it remained dry in the fridge, now suddenly the water collects under the vegetable compartments and even drips out to the floor! Why is that? If the refrigerator licks, this can have various causes, but one thing is for sure: This is usually harmless condensation, which collects inside and can not drain off in the intended way.

Help, my fridge loses water!

The puddles under the fridge are annoying, inside the unit can even form mold with too much moisture. Therefore fast remedy is required! For this we first have to do cause research:

Condensation occurs when moist warm air cools down. Then the air humidity settles at the coldest point, in this case usually at the refrigerator rear wall. The moisture is then usually drained via a drainage system.

If too much water collects in the refrigerator so that the drainage system can no longer handle the amount, it will start to drip in the device. But even a clogged drain can be to blame for the problem.

What can I do to keep the fridge from dripping?

To prevent the fridge from dripping, the condensed water must be contained and the runoff speeded up. You can perform these actions for this purpose:

  • Defrost the refrigerator thoroughly and clean it
  • Thoroughly clean the drain and gutter, release blockages
  • Close the refrigerator door quickly after opening
  • Do not put warm food in the fridge
  • Do not pack food too tightly to maintain air circulation
  • replace brittle sealing rubbers
  • Do not put the fridge next to warm appliances
  • avoid sunny position, create cool environment

With these measures, you ensure that the air in the refrigerator is heated as little as possible by external influences. Thanks to the purified drain, the few condensation water can drain off quickly and cleanly again.

Tips & Tricks

If mold has already formed in the refrigerator, thorough cleaning with vinegar water helps after cleaning: This kills germs without having to use chemicals.

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