What to look for when buying an iron? How to find the right device!

Before you buy a new iron, it is important that you understand your exact requirements and budget. The selection in the shops ranges from simple travel irons to dry irons, steam appliances and ironing stations. If you iron a lot, you will most likely be satisfied with the last-mentioned variant. For the occasional press, a simple model is enough.

What are the criteria for selecting the iron?

The many different models in the trade can be quite confusing. What you should pay particular attention to when buying an iron is explained below:

1. dry iron or steam iron?

With a dry iron, you can quickly smooth your clothes in between a little bit, the low price for these devices is their great advantage. But with a steam iron textiles are much smoother, so it is recommended for really decent results more.

2. Pay attention to customer satisfaction

Also look for the reviews on the Internet or ask your friends for experience with certain irons. Find out which features users appreciate about their device and if there are disadvantages.

You may also wish to consult the test judgments of Stiftung Warentest and other independent examiners. This gives you a good overview of the current offer and its quality.

3. Make a preselection

Make a small pre-selection from the many models on offer: use both the customer reviews and your requirements and the available budget as selection criteria. Design is rather irrelevant for a usable object.

4. Pay attention to the most important selection criteria

Consider the four key selection criteria when buying an iron to get exactly the right device. These factors play a big role in whether you are satisfied afterwards:

  • The wattage indicates the steam power: the higher this power, the easier it is to smooth your textiles with the appliance.
  • With a large water tank you save the constant refilling when processing large laundry mountains. Even more practical: The ironing station with outsourced water tank.
  • The sole material should be as light as possible so that you can get on well while working. Also pay attention to easy care of the sole.
  • Check if there are enough spraying functions. A good iron should steam the laundry area and at the same time spray fresh water horizontally.

Tips & Tricks

Also the cable length is of interest when buying an iron: with a longer cable you have a better range and flexibility at work.

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