What to look for when buying a pool table

If you want to buy a pool table, you can choose between amateur, semi-professional and professional tables. There are a few things a buyer should always look for. This applies to both new and used tables. The selection criteria also depend on your own requirements and ability to play.

Take into account official tournament measures

For all three types of billiard games exist for the matching tables Maßnormen, which are specified in Germany by the German Billiards Union (DBU). As a first important purchase criterion is therefore to select a pool table that complies with the dimensions of the DBU. These "tournament-ready" table sizes make it possible to play the game on your own table on the same scale even on tables outside the home.

If the measurements deviate, for any player beyond the level of beginner and entry level, this is a loss of quality in the practice and development of their abilities. It is recommended, even as a beginner at the first purchase to start immediately on a pool table with the official dimensions.

Cheap Fallen

The price differences of a pool table arise as with any product from the materials used, the construction method and, where appropriate, the brand name. In the low-price segment, some tricks are used by the manufacturers, which should provoke a non-purchase decision if possible. Typical examples are:

  • The slate (s) are replaced or "stretched" by a wood fiber or composite panel
  • The table has no indication of the dimensions according to DBU
  • The markings on the bands are printed and not embedded

Consider ball return as optional

Another crucial price factor is an existing or missing ball return at pool and snooker tables. This circumstance affects the price of the pool table sometimes considerably, but does not have to say anything about its quality. Top tables that meet the highest standards can only be equipped with baskets under the individual holes.

As a buyer, it should be considered how important the comfort of the ball return is over the quality of other components. Those who want to save should first refrain from returns and pay attention to slate, gangs, substructure and covering.

Tips & Tricks

Usually you will find privately transportable pool tables, which consist of two to three individual slates, which are filled with each other during construction. If you prefer a continuous slate, you have to expect a plate weight that you can not transport without help and not with a conventional car.

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