What to look for in the hand drill for wells

For many property owners, drilling a well by hand is an attractive option that is easy to implement. The effort and the result stand and fall with the borrowed or purchased hand drill. The ideal diameter, the weight, accessories and length of the linkage depends on several factors.

Piling or drilling wells and depth of groundwater

First of all it has to be decided whether a dam or a well should be created. In most cases, private well drills will opt for a much less expensive well. In more than eighty percent of all terrain regions in Germany, the groundwater level allows this type of well.

The depth of the local groundwater should be requested from the responsible water supplier and / or civil engineering office. The drill string for the hand drill, the drill extensions to be attached, should be borrowed or purchased one meter longer to account for any seasonal deviations.

The choice of the best diameter

Apparently the smallest possible diameter of the hand drill sounds after less drilling power. However, this is often a fallacy, as there are almost always stones in the upper layers of the soil. The smaller the diameter of the hand drill, the greater the risk that large stones interrupt the drilling progress and, in the worst case, make it impossible.

As a minimum diameter twelve centimeters are recommended. Regarding the expenditure of force, the maximum diameter should be limited to 18 centimeters. For wells, generally larger diameters must be used that range between 15 and 30 centimeters. Smaller diameters are not recommended.

Useful accessories

A special pole holder is recommended from drilling depths of five meters. It prevents that when removing the extensions and their disassembly individual drill bits fall into the hole. With multiple use of a hand drill sharpening the spiral cutting can be useful. If you want to sharpen the blades yourself, you should take care not to damage any existing profiles that act as backstops.

Tips & Tricks

If you are considering whether to buy or borrow a hand drill, any intended follow-up may make the decision easier. With the hand drill you can, for example, also create holes for fence posts, create vertical drainage channels or accomplish the excavation for point foundations.

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