Which vacuum cleaner bags do I need?

If you have just bought a new vacuum cleaner, or just for a long time no longer needed vacuum cleaner bags, it is often difficult to remember which vacuum cleaner bags you need. How to easily find out, this article reveals.

Universal vacuum cleaner bag

Many manufacturers, such as SWIRL, produce vacuum cleaner bags for all types of vacuum cleaners. Virtually all available bags are usually found on shelves of major DIY stores.

To select the right bag, you just have to look it up in the shelf directory. After device name and manufacturer, you can easily find the right bag and take it off the shelf.

Order vacuum cleaner bags on the Internet

It is also possible to order vacuum cleaner bags on the internet. Again, it is sufficient to know the vacuum cleaner model and its name.

operation manual

In the manual of the vacuum cleaner you will find next to the brand and model name usually also an indication for the vacuum cleaner bag. The designations of the bags used are usually given everywhere in vacuum cleaner bags.


Also in the specialized trade one can pick out the suitable bag for the respective model. Where it is not in stock, it can usually be reordered within a few days.

Compare bags

If the name of the vacuum cleaner can not be found on the vacuum cleaner, or you are not sure, you can also take the old vacuum cleaner bag and compare it carefully. In most cases you should be able to find out the right size.

Maybe the old vacuum cleaner bag also has a printed number or name that can be found on universal bags (unfortunately this is not always the case).

Tips & Tricks

You can also download operating instructions for many vacuum cleaner models directly on the Internet (usually on the manufacturer's side). This way, you have all the data stored on your computer at your fingertips, without having to constantly search for the operating instructions.

Video Board: How to change vacuum bags on your vacuum cleaner.